Why Should You Acid Wash Your Pool?

Over time, you may notice stains or discolored surfaces in your pool. While more minor stains and discoloration can be remedied with a good scrub, more severe stains and areas of discoloration can only be removed using an acid wash. In addition, it is beneficial for pools to be acid washed as the process will also remove hard water and algae growth.

What is a Pool Acid Wash?

In most cases, an acid wash is performed on Pebble Tec or plaster and the following steps are used:

Step 1: The pool is drained.

Step 2: All sides of the pool are scrubbed.

Step 3: Muriatic Acid, along with a combination of cleaners and neutralizers, creates a potent mixture that brings the pool plaster/pebble to a brilliance.

Step 4: All residue and metals accrued during the cleaning process are safely handled and removed from the pool bottom before filling.

Step 5: The pool is rinsed and 100% safe for refill.

How Often Should You Have Your Pool Acid Washed?

Because an acid wash removes a very thin layer from the pool’s surface, it’s important to use this process seldomly and only when needed, not yearly. Too many treatments may lead to a need to resurface your pool. We recommend that pools with thin surfaces not be acid washed as it may lead to further damage.

In short, we recommend allowing our Coachella Valley pool acid wash team to assess your pool’s condition so we can recommend the most effective, safe services to get your pool in pristine condition once again.

When is the Best Time of The Year for Pool Acid Washing?

At Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning, our pool acid wash experts in the Coachella Valley recommend using a pool acid wash service during the spring and winter months.

What is the Cost of Pool Acid Washing?

The price of a pool acid wash depends on several factors, including:

  • The size of the pool
  • The depth of the pool
  • The severity of stains and discoloration

In many cases, however, our clients save on this service when they bundle it with our Coachella Valley pool tile cleaning services. When you choose to work with Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning, we will provide you with honest pricing and get the job done right the first time!

How to Maintain Your Pool Surface Following an Acid Wash

We recommend using a durable algae brush to clean away algae stains and any other forms of buildup. In general, keeping up with regular scrubbed often saves money and hassle in the long run.

Your Coachella Valley Pool Acid Washing Experts 

If you’re interested in a Coachella Valley pool acid wash, look no further than Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning. Backed by ample experience and an awesome reputation, we have what it takes to restore your pool’s pristine condition and promise honest work!

Let Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning help! Contact our Coachella Valley pool acid wash team!