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Yucaipa Pool Tile Restoration

Pool Tile Cleaning, Restoring, and Refurbishing in Yucaipa

Is your Yucaipa pool or spa plagued with calcium deposits along the walls or waterlines? It may be due to the hard water that the Coachella Valley and other areas of California contain. Calcium deposits coat the tiles, walls, and floor of your pool as scale, waterline buildup, or calcium crystals.

The Yucaipa pool tile restoration experts at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning use highly effective products combined with decades of experience to remove calcium buildup, scale, and crystals from your pool.

You can count on the Yucaipa pool restoration team at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning to get the job done and restore your pool to beauty. Contact us today for a FREE quote.

Yucaipa Pools Serviced by Our Team

The Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning team can service a variety of pools:

  • Apartment Pools
  • Condominium community pools
  • Country club pools
  • Residential pools
  • Vacation rental pools

We can work to remove calcium buildup and scale from your pool’s decking, plaster, grout, stone, and rock. Your pool, spa, and water feature surfaces can be restored to the look they are meant to have.

Remove Calcium Deposits with Acid Washing

Wondering how acid washing works? Our team will drain the pool before cleaning, removing scale, and other easily accessed deposits. We use a unique product and material wash, finalizing the standard cleaning process by using a heated water stream to remove the scaling and buildup. This process restores the surface of your pool so you can enjoy it without the unsightly calcium lines.

Acid Wash for the Strongest Clean

When your pool needs more than the standard scrubbing and products, our technicians can acid wash the pool’s surfaces. We apply the acid wash solution and let it do its job before we move in using scrubbers and tools to follow up. Our team pays attention to every pool surface so that you receive a quality cleaning every time.

We understand the importance of safety when using acidic products to clean, so we make sure to neutralize the solution and dispose of it properly. We make your pool clean and safe for future swimming.

Make Your Pool in Yucaipa Sparkle with Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning

Remove calcium buildup along waterlines and scale and calcium crystals from your pool’s surface to bring your pool back to life. Make your water features a focal point with help from our Yucaipa pool tile cleaners.

Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning in Yucaipa today for a free quote.

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