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Rancho Mirage Pool Tile Cleaning

Removing Scale from Pools in Rancho Mirage

Hard water damages pools all over the country, including in Rancho Mirage. Calcium deposits appearing at the waterlines of pools and calcium scale making their way onto pools’ floor and walls are two results of this. Fortunately, the Rancho Mirage pool calcium scale removal team knows what it takes to restore your pool: the right product combinations and hard work.

Which Pool Surfaces Do We Restore?

With over ten years of experience, the Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning team can handle any type of pool surface:

    • ● Grout


    • ● Plaster


    • ● Pool tiles


    • ● Pool decking


    • ● Stone and rock


    ● And more!

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Acid Washing a Pool’s Surface is Essential

There is no better way to properly restore a pool’s surface than to give it a high-intensity chemical wash, but do not worry! Our Rancho Mirage pool cleaning experts do not just dump chemicals in your pool. They have a process:

    • ● Drain your pool


    • ● Clean your pool


    ● Rid your pool of most of the scaling with a heated stream of water

After they are through, your pool will shine brighter than ever!

How to Restore Order: Acid Wash

When it looks like no more options remain, the Rancho Mirage pool experts turn to the acid wash. Once we set our solution free, it attacks the buildup and diminishes it from your pool. To cross our t’s and dot our i’s, the team finishes it off with tools, such as scrubbers, to give your pool the glow it deserves! After we successfully get rid of stubborn buildup, we rid your pool of our solution so it is safe to swim in.

The Pools We Service

The Rancho Mirage pool descaling team is capable of servicing any and all types of pools:

Residential pools

Vacation rental pools

Country club pools

Apartment/condo community pools

Our Rancho Mirage Pool Team Wants to Make Your Pool Beautiful!

Even if hard water has been harsh on your pool lately, we can still defeat calcium buildup. Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning in Rancho Mirage to get your pool the help it deserves today!

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