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Indian Wells Pool Tile Cleaning

The Pool Tile Restoration Team in Indian Wells

Indian Wells, similar to other cities in the Coachella Valley and the entire country, is a victim of hard water. This is what causes those calcium deposits at your pool’s waterlines. It also leaves calcium crystals and thin layers of calcium scale on your pool’s floor and walls. The repercussions of hard water are inevitable, but with the help of the Indian Wells pool tile restoration team, you can defeat it! The Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning team combines the right products and takes advantage of a decade-plus of experience to eliminate any calcium buildups in the way of beautifying your pool!

Types of Pool Surfaces Our Team Restores

On top of pool tile, the Indian Wells pool scale removal treat:

  • Grout
  • Plaster
  • Pool decking
  • Stone and rock
  • And more!

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How Acid Washing Cleans Your Pool’s Surface

After your pool surface undergoes a unique product and material wash, calcium buildups will be a thing of the past! The Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning team in Indian Wells will drain your pool before cleaning it and removing scale. Then, our professionals will destroy most of the scaling using a heated stream of water to remove it. This process results in a pool, spa, and waterfall free of any waterlines!

Acid Wash Returns Your Pool’s Glow

There are times when a pool requires more than the standard wash. These occasions require the dependable acid wash. The solution Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning uses goes after the calcium building, also known as scale, and erases it from your pool’s surface. After the solution finishes fighting on behalf of your cause, the Indian Wells pool cleaning team puts its scrubbers and other tools to work to ensure the job is complete. For the benefit of everyone’s safety, we neutralize and properly discard our solution to quash health-related risks!

Types of Pools Our Team Cleans

Being capable of servicing so many different surfaces enables Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning to treat a variety of pools:

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