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Cathedral City Pool Tile Cleaning

Cathedral City’s Pool Tile Restoration Experts

Cathedral City is one of the many cities across the country that has hard water, which is responsible for calcium deposits at pools’ waterlines. Calcium crystals and thin layers of calcium scale on the floor and walls are also results of hard water. Even though you cannot escape the wrath of hard water, you can ultimately defeat it! The Cathedral City pool calcium scale removal and tile restoration team combines the right materials and products and puts some elbow grease into it to rid your pool of any and all calcium buildups.

What Pool Surfaces Do We Restore?

The Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning team in Cathedral City has all of the necessary expertise and equipment to restore:

  • Grout
  • Plaster
  • Pool tile
  • Pool decking
  • Stone and rock
  • And more!

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Proper Calcium Descaling Polishes Your Pool’s Surface

To restore your pool’s surface, the Cathedral City pool calcium removal team will conduct a thorough calcium descalign process. The process entails:

  • Draining your pool
  • Cleaning your pool
  • Removing most of the scaling by utilizing a heated stream of water

After this is complete, you can say goodbye to unsightly waterlines!

Acid Wash Has Final Say

There are times when you need to call in the reinforcements, and when it comes to this in pool-speak, Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning calls upon the acid wash. The solution the team uses attacks the buildup, eventually removing it from your pool’s surface. After this, the Cathedral City pool tile scale removal experts use scrubbers and other tools to put the finishing touches on your beautiful-again pool. As a safety measure, the team will neutralize and dispose of the solution so everyone can enjoy a swim!

Pools We Service

No matter what type of pool needs help in its fight against calcium buildup, we have you covered:

Cathedral City Pool Descale Experts are a Call Away!

With over a decade of experience, our team knows what it takes to make your pool pristine. Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning to enjoy a pool you can be proud of again!

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