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Calimesa Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool Tile and Surface Professionals in Calimesa

As much of Coachella Valley and Southern California experiences, Calimesa’s water quality leaves deposits and frustrating waterlines. The hard water in our area deposits calcium buildup on the waterlines and calcium scale and crystals on the surfaces of the pool and its features.

The Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning pool restoration team utilizes quality products and employs over a decade of experience to clean your pool of calcium deposits on all surfaces. Our pool cleaning team can refurbish your pool, making it look like new.

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Calimesa Pool Surfaces

Our restoration technicians can remove calcium deposits from a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Pool decking
  • Stone and rock
  • Grout
  • Plaster

Can We Clean Your Pool?

Our team services various properties including:

  • Residential pools
  • Apartment community pools
  • Condominium community pools
  • Vacation rental pools
  • Country club pools

How Acid Washing Cleans Your Pool’s Surfaces

The Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning team will drain your pool before cleaning and remove the scale using specialized products and material wash. We eliminate the buildup and scale using a heated stream of water to remove material from pools, spas, and waterfalls.

Acid Wash: For Pool Deep Cleaning

We use acid wash techniques for pools that require more than the regular cleaning service. Our team applies the acid wash solution to the pool’s surfaces, letting it get to work to remove calcium buildup.

Following this product application, we utilize scrubbers and other tools to complete the washing with precision. We use extreme caution and safety protocol to neutralize the acid solution and cleaning solvents, disposing of them to ensure your pool is safe for use again.

Calimesa’s Premier Pool Cleaning Experts

Make your pool, spa, and water features look new with pool cleaning by Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning in Calimesa. We will work to bring back the shine and glisten your pool deserves.

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