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Coachella Pool Tile Cleaning

The Premier Pool Tile Restoration Team in Coachella

Hard water negatively affects pools in cities all over the country by leaving behind calcium deposits at their waterlines, on top of developing calcium crystals and thin layers of calcium scale on the floor and walls. Coachella is one of these cities, but fortunately, Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning knows what it takes to fight these buildups! By treating pools with the proper product combination and not being afraid of hard work, the Coachella pool restoration team can restore your pool’s brilliance!

What Surfaces the Coachella Pool Experts Treat

Over 10 years of experience has helped equip our team with the necessary expertise to treat several types of pool surfaces:

  • Grout
  • Plaster
  • Pool tiles
  • Pool decking
  • Stone and rock
  • And more!

Is looking at your pool’s calcium buildups getting old? You no longer have to! Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning and receive your FREE quote today!

A Descaling Wash Beats Calcium

The first step towards eliminating your pool’s calcium buildup is by treating your pool with a descaling wash. Our Coachella pool calcium scale removal experts will:

  • Drain your pool
  • Clean your pool
  • Remove buildup and debris preventing your pool from being pristine with a high-intensity wash

After this process, you will have a pool free of waterlines to enjoy!

If All Else Fails: Acid Wash

Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning’ Coachella team will always beat calcium buildup, but there are times when it is more difficult than others. These instances require an acid wash. The solution we deploy destroys buildup to enhance your pool’s appearance! If there is still any left after the acid wash, we manually scrub the excess away. The last part of this process is ensuring your pool is safe to swim in by removing and responsibly throwing away our solution.

Which Pools Will the Restoration Team Clean?

All types of pools are in our realm of expertise:

Get Rid of Your Pool’s Calcium Buildup Today!

Our Coachella pool descale team is waiting to help you get rid of your pool’s calcium buildup! Call us today to start enjoying a pristine-looking pool as soon as possible!

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