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La Quinta Pool Tile Cleaning

Removing Scale from Pools in La Quinta

Cities all over the United States deal with hard water, which causes calcium deposits to form at your pool’s waterlines and calcium crystals and thin layers of calcium scale on your pool’s floor and walls. La Quinta is one of those cities, but, alongside the Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning team, hard water does not have to permanently diminish your pool’s beauty! By combining the right products and using our decade-plus of experience to our advantage, the La Quinta pool scale removal and tile restoration team will wipe out any calcium buildups in your pool!

The Surfaces We Restore

Aside from pool tile, our seasoned professionals treat:

  • Grout
  • Plaster
  • Pool decking
  • Stone and rock
  • And more!

Sick of your pool’s calcium buildups? Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning to get rid of them and receive your FREE quote today!

Acid Washing is Vital to Your Pool’s Surface

A unique descaling wash will ruin any chance calcium buildups have at ruining your pool’s aesthetics. Before treating your pool, the La Quinta pool desclale team will drain and clean it. What follows that is a heated stream of water that annihilates the buildup that tried sticking around your pool. Next thing you know, you have a waterline-free pool, spa, and waterfall!

Return to the Glory Days With an Acid Wash

There are certain occasions when buildup is more stubborn than others. So stubborn, in fact, a chemical wash is not enough to get the job done. That is why the La Quinta pool restoration team knows how to perform an acid wash. Our solution is too much for buildup to handle, and restores your pool to what it looked like before hard water got the best of it. To be certain the job is complete, the Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning experts take out the scrubbers and other tools to do away with whatever remains. We also neutralize and responsibly dump our solution to keep all swimmers healthy!

Will the La Quinta Pool Tile Cleaning Team Clean My Pool?

Yes, because we service all types of pools:

Our Team is Ready to Restore Your Pool’s Greatness!

Without all of that calcium buildup, you have the best-looking pool on the block. Do not let it hinder your pool’s greatness any longer, and call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning today!

Let the Team that Cares Help You!

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