5 Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean During the Summer in the Coachella Valley

Clean Pools in Coachella Valley
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How to Maintain a Clean Pool During the Hottest Time of Year

When the Coachella Valley is consistently hotter than 100 degrees, the last thing you want is your pool to be so filthy it does not even look refreshing.

Maintaining a clean pool is essential to ensuring it can remain usable during the summer months, which requires regular upkeep that is often forgotten about.

So you and others can enjoy your pool this summer, the Coachella Valley pool cleaners at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning want you to know what it takes to be certain your pool continues to serve as your personal oasis!

Skim the Surface

Skimming your pool is the most straightforward tip on this list.

All it requires is you taking a skimmer and gliding it atop the water’s surface to remove any debris, such as leaves and sticks from surrounding trees that make their way in.

Yes, some debris will go through your filtration system, but you do not want anything too big trying to fit its way through. By regularly skimming, you are lessening the burden on your filtration system and keeping your pool clean.

Observe Water Level

In order for your pool equipment to work properly, you must sustain your pool’s water level. This is easy to overlook, but any pool cleaner in Coachella Valley will tell you how vital it is towards maintaining a clean pool.

Evaporation is the primary culprit for reduced water levels, and since we deal with such high temperatures in our desert, your pool is subject to this. 

Keep a close eye on your water level so all of your equipment continues cleaning your pool!

Monitor Chemicals

Similar to how your pool must have a certain amount of water to remain clean, it also must have a certain amount of chemicals to fight bacteria.

It would be nice if you could just gander out your back window to determine your pool’s chemical levels, but this is not something you can depend on your eyes for. To stay on top of this, check your pool’s chlorine and pH levels, weekly.

Also check on the saturation index on a monthly basis. This exists to prevent corrosion and scale from forming on your pool’s outer edges.

If you discover deficient chemical levels, contact the pool chemical balancing team in Coachella Valley to ensure they return to where they need to be!

Check Circulation

The overall cleanliness of your pool heavily depends on its circulation, which starts with your pool pump. If this does not work how it should, the debris you were unable to skim will stick around and dirty what was once a beautiful backyard oasis!

A lack of circulation also messes up the chemical levels, which you now know are imperative to a pristine-looking pool!

Luckily for you, Coachella Valley pool cleaners can:

Circulation guarantees a clean pool to swim in during the summer, so assure your pool pump is doing its job!

Inspect Filtration

As long as you have a working pool pump, your filter will stay busy all summer. To make it last for as long as possible, inspect it consistently to determine whether or not it is due for a cleaning.

Accomplish this by checking on its pressure level. If you notice it seven to 10 psi over the standard clean filter pressure level, that is your filter’s way of telling you it is due for a cleaning!

The higher the number, the more likely it is you are dealing with a clogged filter that cannot weed out the junk that ended up in your pool.

Sometimes a replacement filter is necessary, and if that is the case, you can get a FREE quote from a pool cleaner in Coachella Valley here!

Coachella Valley Pool Cleaners Want You Swimming All Summer Long!

To stay cool during the hottest months of the year, follow these tips so you have a clean pool to escape to!