How to Maintain Your Vacation Rental Pool During Peak Season

Coachella Valley Pool Cleaning in the Coachella Valley
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Pool Tile Cleaning in the Coachella Valley Prepares Your Property for Travelers

Those who vacation in the Coachella Valley come for the sunshine and warm weather. That’s why having your pool ready for peak season is vital to your vacation rental business. And one of the best ways your guests can enjoy the desert climate is in the pool.

A gorgeous pool enhances your vacation rental and can drive more bookings, but your pool can’t stay beautiful by itself. Pool tile cleaning in the Coachella Valley can help your vacation rental stand out and make peak season as lucrative as possible, but there’s more to it if you plan on keeping a full house.

Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning can help keep your vacation rental booked all season long. Call us today to schedule your pool cleaning.

Clean Pool Tiles

First and foremost, you’ll want to consistently clean your pool tiles. Travelers are more likely to book the vacation rental they find most visually appealing, the one with a pool that captures their attention.

With over 2,500 vacation rentals in Palm Springs alone, according to, pool tile cleaning is essential for your vacation rental business. Positive reviews and repeat business will be hard to come by if guests see calcium buildup and other debris when they arrive. Dedicating time to cleaning your pool tiles and skimming the surface can attract more travelers and make your vacation rental their go-to desert destination.

Monitor Pool Equipment

There is no bigger buzz kill than a vacation rental’s pool being unusable due to an equipment malfunction. Maintaining equipment like your pool pump allows guests to get the most out of your property’s pool. It keeps your pool in peak condition not only during prime vacation season but also year-round. Plus, it avoids potentially expensive pool maintenance further down the road.

Happy guests and lower overhead make monitoring your pool equipment well worth your time!

Ensure Guest Safety

How much fun your guests have is a top priority but not the top priority. Above all else, guest safety is most important. This applies to all aspects of your vacation rental, and with a pool, you must be more vigilant. Steps you can take to help ensure guests have a fun and safe stay are:

  • Making them aware of your pool’s maximum occupancy
  • Posting which end of the pool is safe for diving, if any
  • Balancing your pool’s chemical levels
  • Letting them know where the pool equipment is located
  • Communicating all pool rules prior to their stay

Every detail matters when it comes to safety, and there’s no such thing as providing them too much information. Take every precaution to feel confident guests are having the best and safest vacation possible.

The Coachella Valley Pool Tile Cleaning Team Can Improve Your Vacation Rental

A pool tile cleaning can significantly impact your vacation rental’s guest experience, but pool maintenance in the Coachella Valley goes deeper than that! Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning has the experience and expertise to help your pool be the reason your vacation rental has a profitable peak season.

Our Coachella Valley pool team can keep your pool safe and beautiful for guests. Call us today to learn how!