What Causes the White Lines in Pools?

Coachella Valley Calcium Scale Removal

Why Coachella Valley Calcium Scale Removal Service is Essential

Having a pool in the Coachella Valley is practically a must. It’s a great addition to your beautiful desert oasis, and of course, a nice refuge during the scorching summer months. For as pretty as your pool is, things can take a turn quickly—like when those white lines appear along your pool’s waterline.

Those white lines are due to a calcium buildup issue. It’s a consequence of Coachella Valley using hard water, just like most parts of the country. When there’s an imbalance in hard water’s pH level, you get calcium buildup.

Looking at those white lines isn’t fun, but luckily, there’s a way to get rid of them.

Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning’ Coachella Valley calcium scale removal team is dedicated to making your personal desert oasis everything it can be. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

How Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning Helps

Our Coachella Valley calcium scale removal service is one of our most important cleaning services and can remove both types of buildup:

  • Calcium carbonate: White and flaky buildup typically easier to remove
  • Calcium silicate: White and grey buildup typically harder to remove

No matter which is in your pool, our pool cleaning experts have a media blasting hopper and air compression to remove it. Your pool’s surface (Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning can remove calcium buildup from most) will tell our team which minerals and how much air pressure to use to avoid causing any further damage.

The quality of our equipment and minerals we use impact how thorough of a job we do. They also ensure your safety. We’ll carefully inspect your pool before removing calcium buildup to be certain we know the appropriate amount of minerals and pressure to use so it’s safe to swim in after we finish.

Prevent Calcium Buildup

After our calcium scale removal team in Coachella Valley takes care of your pool’s buildup, you’ll want to prevent it from coming back. The best way to do this is to keep an eye on your pool’s pH level. The goal is to keep your pH level lower because a higher pH level can lead to calcium buildup.

The most effective way to monitor your pool’s pH level and keep calcium buildup out is to schedule regular pool tile cleanings. A Coachella Valley pool cleaning expert can help prevent those white lines from forming in the first place, in addition to taking care of your pool’s overall maintenance.

Have a Professional Get Rid of Your Pool’s White Lines

Whether your pool is part of a residential or commercial property, you shouldn’t have to look at calcium buildup. Our calcium scale removal service in Coachella Valley can get rid of calcium buildup and help you avoid it from happening again. Then you can get back to enjoying the beauty that is your beautiful desert oasis!

Our calcium scale removal team has the expertise and experience to get rid of your pool’s white lines. Call us today to schedule an appointment!