What To Know About Pool Filter Cleaning

Clean Pool Filter in the Coachella Valley
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The Importance of Cleaning Your Filter in Your Coachella Valley Pool

A thorough Coachella Valley pool cleaning keeps your pool pristine. Supplies like a skimmer, vacuum head, hose, and pool brush help you stay on top of pool maintenance.

But having a clean, well-maintained pool goes deeper than what’s on the surface.

The cleanliness of your pool filter significantly influences how clean your pool is or isn’t. It also impacts how well the pool filter does its job, making this piece of equipment crucial to your pool’s maintenance.

A clean pool filter keeps your desert oasis beautiful. Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning today to schedule a professional cleaning.

Overall Cleanliness

A pool filter is directly responsible for your pool’s cleanliness. It cleans out debris and bugs and circulates water to help balance chemical levels.

That’s why it’s unreasonable to expect a dirty pool filter to keep your pool clean.

Think of your pool filter as a representation of your pool. If it’s clean, chances are your pool is, too. If it’s not, well, going for a swim won’t be so refreshing (or safe).  

Helps Pool Equipment Function

Each piece of pool equipment has a different job but generally the same goal: maintain your pool. They also affect each other’s performance. A dirty pool filter can make the job of your pool pump and heater difficult because your pool could have unbalanced chemicals or other problems. Regularly cleaning your pool filter is a vital part of helping the rest of your pool equipment function.

Increases Efficiency

Helping the rest of your pool equipment function is only one equipment-related benefit of a clean pool filter. By allowing your pool pump and heater to do their jobs more easily, a clean pool filter increases their energy efficiency. This positively impacts the planet and can save you money.

Leave Pool Cleaning in the Coachella Valley to the Experts

Certain pool maintenance tasks are easier to handle than others. While cleaning your pool filter is doable, you’re better off letting Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning’ experts handle it. Especially because different types of pool filters (cartridge, sand, and DE) require different maintenance.

Our team knows how to properly clean pool filters and keep your pool clean year-round.

Staying on top of pool maintenance includes regular pool filter cleanings. Call us today to let the Coachella Valley pool experts handle yours.