4 Common Reasons for Pool Tile Discoloration

4 Common Reasons for Pool Tile Discoloration

Professional Pool Tile Cleaning and Restoration in the Coachella Valley

Tile discoloration is a common problem for pool owners as their pool “ages” over the years. Glass tiles, whether translucent or transparent, are especially susceptible to discoloration. Determining the cause of the discoloration can help you find the best solution to the problem and get your pool looking great again in no time.

The Coachella Valley pool tile professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning can help you restore your pool tile’s original shine and luster with tile cleaning and restoration. Let our team assess the problem, determine the best course of action, and help you make your pool look beautiful.

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4 Causes for Tile Discoloration

The most common causes for pool tile discoloration are back-coating erosion, glue or mesh on tiles, microbial growth, and thin set shading and marks. These problems may arise on pool tiles that have spent years in the sun or due to poor workmanship. Age, use, and external factors will also influence the tile’s ability to maintain color and luster.

The four most common causes of tile discoloration are:

  1. Back-coating erosion. Back-coated glass describes a transparent glass tile with a color coating underneath it. This coating provides depth and colorful appeal to the tile surface. Over time, the back-coated glass may show signs of wear and corrosion, especially when exposed to harsh elements like consistent direct sunlight or excessively alkaline water. Severe damage and corrosion may be present when tiles are installed improperly.
  2. Mesh or glue on tiles. Choosing the proper glue and mesh for your pool tiles can make or break the look of your tile. Porcelain tiles do well with powder adhesives, while ceramic tiles are best adhered with ready mix. With the wrong adhesive, your tiles are subject to visible markings, discoloration, and erosion.
  3. Microbial growth. If moisture accumulates under your tiles, it can lead to eventual microbial growth that causes discoloration as it spreads. Pool tiles differ from kitchen or bathroom tiles. Tile installed on pool surfaces is created to withstand long-term, constant exposure to moisture. Unfortunately, once tiles show signs of microbial growth or exposure, it is critical to address the problem as soon as possible. Discoloration and microbial growth can quickly move from a single tile to all its surrounding tiles.
  4. Thin-set shading, marks, or voids. Although visible tile discoloration may appear surface level, it can often be caused by the thin-set underneath the tile. Thin-set problems can create shading, voids, or stain patches over time. To remedy this issue or prevent high visibility inconsistencies, a color-consistent thin set is a must.

Coachella Valley Pool Tile Cleaning and Restoration

The pool tile cleaning professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning provide expert service, cleaning, and restoration to your pool’s surfaces. We not only provide tile cleaning, but can also help keep your pool looking pristine with pool acid wash, bead blasting, and even brick and paver restoration. Our Coachella Valley pool cleaning experts can help you maintain a gorgeous pool all year!

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