When Is a Pool Acid Wash Necessary?

When Is a Pool Acid Wash Necessary?

Professional Pool Acid Washing in the Coachella Valley

Whether you own a pool at home, at a rental property, or your vacation house, regular maintenance is a must to keep your pool clean, safe, and refreshing. A clean pool keeps you, your family, and your friends safe to enjoy your pool anytime you choose. Keeping your pool looking beautiful can sometimes require more than just a sweep of leaves and debris. Knowing when you need a deeper clean, like an acid wash, will help your pool look pristine in no time.

Acid washing is a powerful pool surface cleaning process that uses acid diluted into the pool to clean the surfaces and remove algae, minerals, and hard water stains, marks, or discoloration. The process requires complete or partial pool drainage and is best left to professionals like the team at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning.

When your pool is dirty even after cleaning, or you notice stains or signs of discoloration, call the Coachella Valley acid washing pros at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning. We’re here to restore your pool’s pristine water and beautiful shine.

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Why Acid Wash?

Preventative cleaning like skimming, vacuuming, and balancing the pH, can help prevent stains and discoloration from forming. But once developed, it will take something more aggressive to return your pool to its original shine and the tile to its original luster.

  • Acid washing helps remove discolorations
  • Acid washing removes algae growth
  • Acid washing removes water stains caused by hard water

Signs It Is Time to Acid Wash

If you notice any of the signs below, call the professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning to request a quote for pool acid washing. Our team can determine what your pool needs and schedule your cleaning ASAP, so your pool returns to clean and safe in no time.

  1. Algae growth- Green, slimy patches on the pool surface or pool walls indicate a case of algae growth. Acid washing will be necessary to remove the algae and prevent it from coming right back once treated.
  2. Pink or red discoloration- Certain minerals will cause red or pink hues on the pooled surface. These can cause stubborn stains and will need an acid wash to remove and restore the pool surfaces to clean and clear. Typically, these stains are caused by magnesium in the pool water and can range from light pink to dark reddish or black.
  3. Copper stains- Well water often causes these types of stains. They appear as blue, green, and sometimes black staining.
  4. Hard water- Hard water causes calcium deposits along the edges of the pool, where the tile meets the water. Hard water deposits can also eventually create cloudy water.

Supreme Pool Tile Works: Your Coachella Valley Acid Washing Professionals

The pool cleaning professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning are experienced, professional, and efficient at cleaning and restoring your pool’s surfaces. When you are worried about the condition of your pool, call our team for a clean you can trust. Let the Coachella Valley pool acid washing team at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning remove algae, discoloration, and stains from your pool surface, so you can enjoy the beauty of your pool all year round.

Call the Coachella Valley pool cleaning pros at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning today to request an acid wash for your pool.