5 Common Pool Filter and Pump Problems

5 Common Pool Filter and Pump Problems

Tips from Our Coachella Valley Pool Cleaning Professionals

Before you worry that your filter & pump need repairs, there are ways to check if the problem is the pool filter. There are two ways to check that the problem is the filter:

  1. Test the skimmer. Add a small amount of dirt to the skimmer basket. If the dirt gets sucked into the system, you may not have a filter problem.
  2. Test the vacuum. If your vacuum has suction when attached to the skimmer, this is an indication that your filter is working.

If you have checked the skimmer and vacuum but still seem to be having pump or filter issues, it’s time to call professionals like the team at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning. We can help you troubleshoot your pool cleaning system and make sure your pool is safe and clean to swim in.

The Coachella Valley pool cleaning professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning can help you keep your pool safe and clean year-round. Call today and schedule your pool cleaning in the Coachella Valley.

The Most Common Issues with Pool Filters and Pumps

When you are a pool owner, you may encounter problems with your pool filtration system from time to time. From obstructions in the filter to pump malfunctions, it helps to know the common issues to look for.

Some of the most common pool filter and pump issues include:

  1. High pressure. Too much pressure in the filter is one of the most common pool filter issues. If your pressure gauge is reading high, you will need to release pressure via the air relief valve. The air relief valve should be on the side of the filter tank. This valve will release the excess air and allow the filter to work efficiently.
  2. Low pressure. If your pressure gauge reads low pressure, it may be caused by a clogged filter. Check that your filter is clean and free of obstructions. Additionally, check that you have the correct amount of water in the pool to allow the filtration system to work properly.
  3. No pressure. A lack of pressure indicates a potential pump issue. When there is no pressure in the filtration system, you may have a broken impeller or clogged strainer basket. Check the strainer basket for obstructions before moving to check the pump components.
  4. Not cleaning the pool. When the filter system is not cleaning the pool and dirt and debris remain, it may indicate that the filter media needs replacing. The media is the material inside the filter that helps to catch and remove dirt and debris.
  5. Water leaking at backwash line. When water leaks out of the backwash line, it means that the valve may not be seated properly. The backwash line is used to clean the filter and is located on the side of the filter. To fix an improperly seated valve, unscrew the backwash line to release the valve and screw it back in, paying attention to the direction so that it seats properly.

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