How Do I Know My Pool Pump Needs Replacing?

Coachella Valley Pool Pump Maintenance
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A Functional Pool Pump is Essential for Pool Maintenance in the Coachella Valley

Pool maintenance in the Coachella Valley is nothing without a functional pool pump. It’s an essential piece of equipment, and quite possibly the difference between swimming in a safe or unsafe pool.

Even if your pool receives regular maintenance, pool pump issues may arise. Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning pool experts can fix some of these issues, but others call for a replacement pump. Recognizing what’s fixable versus what’s not helps you properly handle pool pump woes. Coming across any of the following five scenarios indicates you’re due for a new pump.

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Leaks Regularly

A leak is a clear sign something’s wrong with your pool pump. And when it happens regularly, it means you need a new one. Indicators you’re dealing with leaks are seeing bubbles in your pool and puddles surrounding your pump.

Loose pump lids or disconnected valves are two reasons leaks happen. No matter the cause, get a replacement sooner rather than later to avoid the problem from getting worse.

Odd Noises

Making unfamiliar, head-scratching sounds is your pool pump’s way of telling you something is wrong. Whether they’re rumbling noises, likely caused by clogging, or grinding, screeching sounds, probably due to the pumps’ bearings tapping out, a replacement pump is in order.  

Turns Off Consistently

You don’t need to be a Coachella Valley pool expert to know a pool pump that can’t stay on isn’t as effective, but did you know it also means a replacement is in order?

A pump that consistently turns off can happen because your pump is not receiving enough power, overheating or other reasons. These malfunctions affect a pump’s ability to sanitize your pool, directly impacting your health.

Replace your broken pool pump so you can have peace of mind when swimming.

Repairs Don’t Last

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to fix something, purchasing a new one is the better option. This applies to damaged pool pumps. If the same problems persist after Coachella Valley pool experts perform repairs, you’re better off getting a new pool pump.

Ineffective repairs can be costly, too. Therefore, buying a new pool pump gives you less trouble and is often more cost effective. Avoid putting your hard-earned money towards a hopeless pool pump, and instead, invest in one that will serve you right!

It’s Old

Pool pumps have a shelf life. A quality one you regularly maintain lasts for approximately 10 years. Once a pump’s expiration date comes, there’s no getting around the fact it’s time for a new one.

Some old pumps will go from working perfectly to beyond fixable overnight, others will break down over time, and then there are those in between. Whichever scenario applies to yours, know every pump’s run eventually comes to an end.

Replace Your Pool Pump to Swim Carefree

Prolonging the life of your pool pump can help you enjoy a clean, safe pool for up to a decade-plus. The combination of checking pool equipment yourself and Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning’ pool maintenance in the Coachella Valley can keep your pool in great shape for years!

But even the best pool pumps eventually call it quits. Identify when the time has come for yours to get a replacement once your pump is done for good.

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