The Difference Between Chlorine and Saltwater Pools

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What Makes Different Types of Coachella Valley Pools Unique

Like any other decision in life, it’s best to be as informed as possible before choosing between a chlorine and saltwater pool. One of the two types of Coachella Valley pools may suit you better than the other. You can learn which is right for your personal desert oasis by understanding their differences from Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning’ Coachella Valley pool experts.

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Chlorine Levels

Despite their name, saltwater pools contain chlorine. The significant differences are the amount and how it is distributed. With a chlorine pool, you or the pool experts in the Coachella Valley pour or drop chlorine, in liquid, powder, or tablet form, right in. On the other hand, a saltwater pool has a chlorinator that turns salt into chlorine. A saltwater pool’s method produces enough chlorine to disinfect the pool, but a small enough amount to make your pool easier on the eyes and skin.

Required Maintenance

People who choose a saltwater pool can look forward to less maintenance than they would with a chlorine pool. As long as you add salt to maintain proper levels, something a Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning pool expert can help you with, the chlorinator will do all the work.

Chlorine pools are much needier than their counterpart. Bacteria is more likely to build up in a chlorine pool. This is one reason consistent maintenance is important. Others are:

  • Balancing your pool’s chemicals
  • Maintaining the proper water level
  • Cleaning your pool’s surface
  • And more

If you have the right equipment and know how to take care of your pool, you can handle these responsibilities yourself. Another option is to schedule regular maintenance with the Coachella Valley’s pool experts.


Both pools have their pros and cons when it comes to cost. A chlorine pool’s initial investment is more affordable but costs more in the future. A saltwater pool is the exact opposite. A difference in the initial investment is the saltwater pool requiring a chlorinator, which can cost thousands of dollars by itself. Since chlorine pools receive chlorine regularly, they have no use for such an expensive piece of equipment immediately.

But things change as time goes on. A saltwater’s chlorinator does all the work chlorine pool owners do themselves or pay for to keep chlorine pools safe to swim in.

Whether you prefer to spend more up front or as time goes on is good to know before deciding which pool you choose.

Decide Which Type of Pool in the Coachella Valley is for You

It may be difficult deciding between a saltwater and chlorine pool, but the positive is whichever you choose will be a great addition to your residence or commercial property. Consider the pros and cons of both and how they fit your specific needs. If you need another perspective before making a final decision, ask the pool experts at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning.

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