Mineral Blasting vs. Sand Blasting

Mineral Blasting in Coachella Valley

Why Choose Coachella Valley Mineral Blasting Over Sand Blasting?

Having a pool in the Coachella Valley means your pool has to stay clean during the hot summer months. Extreme heat can create calcium deposits along your pool’s waterline. Fortunately, Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning has an effective way to clean them: mineral blasting. Our Coachella Valley mineral blasting service gets the job done better than sand blasting because it doesn’t damage your pool or your health.

Mineral blasting, commonly referred to as bead blasting, is the safest way for us to clean pool tile because the mineral is stronger than calcium but softer than your pool tile surface; therefore it won’t pit, dull, or damage the surface of your tile. Our machinery allows us to add and use the selected mineral it takes to do the job on your specific type of tile. Being the professionals and having done over thousands of pools, our team can determine which mineral is best for the job. If we do only a partial drain, the minerals are also PH friendly and will not throw off the chemicals. In addition, the media blaster is used with regulated air pressure that we can lower or raise in order to get the calcium removed safely.

On the other hand, sandblasting is more abrasive media (media is the term used for our products- mineral/sand/crushed glass, glass bead) which is often used for paint removal of cars, rust removal, brick, pavers. In short, it is a much harsher media that will damage pool tile if not used correctly. In addition, its dust may be harmful to inhale. On top of damaging your pool’s surface and releasing unhealthy dust particles in the air, sand blasting can also make a mess in your backyard. This would require an extensive clean up job that’s no fun for anybody.

These are a few of the reasons why our Coachella Valley pool tile cleaning experts prefer mineral blasting over sand blasting.

More About Mineral Blasting

Mineral blasting uses special equipment to get rid of your pool’s calcium deposits in an effective and healthy way. It’s effective because even though it’s harsh on calcium deposits, mineral blasting keeps your pool tiles intact and looking new. Another reason Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning stands by mineral blasting is because it won’t harm you. Unlike sand blasting, mineral blasting doesn’t depend on chemicals to get the job done. Mineral blasting makes it possible for you to swim in your pool without worrying about your health!

Can I Treat My Pool Using Mineral Blasting?

There are certain steps you can take to make sure your pool remains the beautiful centerpiece of your desert oasis that is your backyard, but mineral blasting isn’t one of them. That’s because mineral blasting requires special equipment our pool tile cleaning experts know how to use. In addition to that, they also wear protective gear for safety reasons.

Does Mineral Blasting Make any Mess?

The minimal mess mineral blasting makes is one of the reasons we prefer it over sand blasting. Not blowing dust particles everywhere like sand blasting makes the clean-up job easy, so most of what we have to clean up once we finish is the equipment we brought. Then, before you know it, you can get back to enjoying a pool without calcium deposits!

Find Out if Your Pool Needs Mineral Blasting

You don’t have to look at those calcium deposits along your pool’s waterline. See if your pool could benefit from mineral blasting by contacting our pool tile cleaning experts in the Coachella Valley today.

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