What Is Media Blasting?

What Is Media Blasting?

Surface Cleaning for Pools, Walls, and More

Media blasting is an ideal choice for deep cleaning, polishing, preparing, or resurfacing your hard surfaces. Media blasting is the process of combining various abrasive media, compressed air, and specialized equipment to resurface or clean a surface. It removes dirt and debris to prepare a surface for refinishing, painting, sealing, or staining.

At Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning, our professional cleaning team in Coachella Valley can utilize media blasting to clean and resurface your pool, fences, gate, brick walls, and more. Let us help you to refinish your surfaces so that you can focus on the details to come.

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How Media Blasting Works

There are several factors to consider when approaching the process of media blasting for hard surfaces. The type, shape, and size of abrasive will determine the intensity with which it cleans the surface. Different abrasives are required for the various surfaces and the materials that are being eroded.

Media blasting is a great way to clean surfaces coated in old paint, oil, or dirt, or surfaces that are oxidized. The abrasive material that is chosen for your desired result will be propelled toward the surface to remove unwanted material through an erosion process.

Types of Abrasives for Media Blasting

There are typically two abrasive categories: soft and hard. Soft abrasives are good for general cleaning and are used to remove dirt and grime without much erosion of the material below the layers of dirt. This is a good choice for wood, plastic, or machinery.

Hard abrasives will remove material quickly and are used for a deeper resurfacing of the chosen surface. They help to create a shallow “profile” texture that is necessary for the surface to accept new layers of material or protective coatings. The harder the abrasive, the faster the process and the deeper the “profile” texture created.

Abrasive Shapes for Media Blasting

Angular and round are the two common shapes for abrasives used in media blasting. Angular abrasives work quickly to erode material from a surface and create a crisp profile for resurfacing and refinishing. Round abrasives are less erosive and often are used when no additional or replacement coating is needed post blasting.

Some abrasive shapes or grits leave a smooth finish while others will create a textured profile. Smooth abrasives are a good option for polishing and leaving a clean, satin-like finish.

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For cleaning, resurfacing, and polishing your hard surfaces, call on the team at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning to get the job done. Our Coachella Valley technicians can utilize a variety of media abrasives to achieve the finish you desire.

From wood fencing to brick walls to pool surfaces, we have the tools and materials needed to tackle the job. We can media blast your hard surfaces to prepare them for refinishing, painting, polish, or to give them a fresh clean look.

Trust the Coachella Valley surface cleaners at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning to handle your resurfacing and cleaning jobs; so, you can be confident the job is done right the first time. Contact our office today to discuss your project and how we can help get your surfaces ready for the next step.

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