The Importance of Pool Tile Cleaning in Southern California

The Importance of Pool Tile Cleaning in Southern California

Save the Life of Your Pool by Keeping it Clean

Keeping your pool tiles clean helps prolong the pool’s life, prevent bacterial growth, and stave off eventual repairs. From mineral buildup to organic matter staining, there are several things to be aware of regarding protecting your pool’s surfaces.

Tiles are a beautiful feature of every pool, protecting the pool’s waterline while bringing in color and vibrancy. Routine cleaning can keep them shining all year long so that you can enjoy your pool in the hot summer months.

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Mineral Buildup on Your Pool’s Tiles

Maintaining the cleanliness of your pool’s tile waterline is crucial in preventing damage and permanent staining. The accumulation of calcium, limescale, and other mineral deposits along with an off-balance pH in your pool’s water creates buildup around the tile at the waterline.

Extreme heat, like that in Southern California, can exacerbate calcium deposits, as hotter temperatures increase water evaporation. This effect is even greater due to the hard water here in Yucaipa. Calcium and limestone buildup can damage your pool’s tile as they often lead to tile breakage. Further buildup after tiles are damaged or when the surface begins to erode creates weakened grout lines, allowing mold or algae to penetrate the surface.

Organic Matter and Your Pool

Staining can occur on your pool’s surfaces when organic matter is left to sit for too long. These organic contaminants can include oil, leaves, grass, dirt, or algae. Regularly adding enzymes and proper chemicals to your water can break down the organic matter and reduce staining. Avoiding swimming with erosive oils on the skin or heavy, oil-based sunscreens can also help reduce contaminants in the water.

Additionally, the proper chemical balance prevents an imbalance of pH levels, which in turn reduces the separation of calcium carbonate from the pool water. This is the cause of scaly calcium buildup on the pool’s waterline. If there is a rise in pH levels, it can cause a reduction in the effectiveness of chlorine, the pool chemical that kills pathogens.

Pathogens in the water can be dangerous for the health of swimmers and can result in digestive system disruptions that are quite uncomfortable. Unfortunately, not only will your pool tiles be dirty, but you may also have some very sick swimmers.

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