What Does My Pool Waterline Have Buildup?

What Does My Pool Waterline Have Buildup?

Why Waterlines Develop Buildup and Deposits

No matter how much attention you give your pool, it is inevitable that dirt, oils, debris, and dust will make its way into the water. Your waterline is where much of the grime accumulates, as debris eventually makes its way to the edge of the pool. At Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning, our Coachella Valley tile cleaners can help you identify why the grime and deposits occur and what to do about them.

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What Accumulates at Your Pool Water’s Edge?

Everything that makes its way into your pool can end up at the water’s edge, sticking to the tiles and possibly creating deposits and stains.

Some of the things that can make your tiles dirty include:

  • Lotions
  • Oils
  • Dirt
  • Debris (organic and inorganic)
  • Plants, leaves, twigs, or flowers
  • Hard water deposits
  • Minerals

Although grime, dirt, debris, and oil can usually be easily wiped away, the mineral deposits, hard water deposits, and stains may be harder to remove and need more attention.

Deposits and tile discoloration are most often caused by hard water and minerals. As water evaporates, calcium and minerals that were in the water remain stuck to the tile. They appear as white or grey scum and crust at the waterline.

3 Common Causes of Waterline Deposits

  • Calcium Carbonate- These are usually due to water evaporation and appear as white, flaky deposits. This is usually easy to remove.
  • Calcium Silicate- These appear as slightly grey-tinted deposits, caused by high pH levels, and are harder to remove than the calcium carbonate deposits.
  • Efflorescence- This is water-soluble lime that accumulates along grout lines and the water’s edge and requires moderate effort for removal.   

How to Reduce Waterline Deposits

Keeping your pool water balanced and clean will help to reduce mineral deposits and stains along the water’s edge.

  • To help reduce the occurrence of water deposits, keep the pool pH balanced between the 7.2 and 7.8 range.
  • Consider the water hardness of your area’s municipal water, as well as the alkalinity, when balancing the pH.

Professional Pool Tile Cleaning in the Coachella Valley

The experienced Coachella Valley pool tile cleaners at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning have experience and training in removing those annoying waterline tile deposits that make your pool look old and dirty. Let us take your pool tile from foggy and scaley to shining and bright, ensuring your pool looks good no matter how many sunscreen-slick friends and family members are swimming this summer. No matter the cause of your waterline dirt and grime, we have the professional skills, tools, and experience to tackle the job.

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