Why Does My Pool Tile Develop Haze?

Why Does My Pool Tile Develop Haze?

Professional Pool Tile Cleaning Solutions in the Coachella Valley

You may think that hazy tiles are the aftermath of a day of friends and family jumping into the pool slick with freshly applied sunscreen, but that is not the whole story. Hazy tiles are typically the result of imbalanced pH in your pool water. At Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning, we have years of experience in the pool industry, providing us with an understanding of pool tile conditions and how to fix them. Our Coachella Valley pool tile cleaners can restore your tile’s shine, luster, and beautiful color, giving your pool the treatment it needs. 

Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning to help with haze, deposits, dirt, and grime on your pool tiles in the Coachella Valley.

How Haze Develops and What to Do

The most common reason for haze on your pool tiles and surfaces is scale, a layer of calcium deposits that develops due to the high mineral content of most municipal water. 

The first goal in combatting pool tile haze is to tackle the pH balance in your pool water, and following rebalancing the pH, handle the tile haze removal and cleaning. pH testing can help determine which chemicals need to be adjusted to have a 7.2-7.8 pH level, the optimal range for most backyard pools. 

Your regular monthly chemical tests and adjustments should always aim for optimal pH, but with increased pool use and seasonal changes, tile haze and deposits are not uncommon. Dirt, grime, oils, and other water contaminants can create changes in the water’s pH. 

Once the pH is balanced in your pool water, it is time to remove the scale and haze from the tile. You will want to be cautious when cleaning, avoid being aggressive with cleaning products and tools, and be aware of the risks of caustic, potentially dangerous acids when cleaning. 

The safest, most efficient option in tile cleaning is to call professional pool tile cleaners, like our team at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning. Our experience helps ensure your tile cleaning is done efficiently, properly, and safely. 

Coachella Valley Pool Tile Cleaning

At Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning, we can help you determine the cause of your tile haze, discoloration, and deposits, ensuring you understand why and how they developed. We can take your tile from hazy and dirty to shining and lustrous and keep your pool water safe from pH imbalances. Our pool tile cleaning options provide effective cleaning for pool surfaces, no matter how much your pool is utilized. Trust our team for effective, affordable cleaning services in the Coachella Valley.

Request a professional pool tile cleaning in the Coachella Valley from the team at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning and enjoy a pristine, sparkling pool!