What Is a Chlorine Wash for My Pool?

Coachella Valley Pool Chlorine Wash
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A Chlorine Wash in the Coachella Valley Prioritizes Safety

Being an eyesore is one downside of a pool with an improper chemical balance. Another is it negatively impacts your health. A pool with algae takes away from your desert oasis’ beauty and threatens your safety. It will turn green and become a hotbed for harmful bacteria that can cause skin rashes or ear and eye infections. This becomes more likely without regular, scheduled pool tile cleanings.

No matter how infested your pool is, a chlorine wash in the Coachella Valley restores its beauty and safety. Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning uses this method, also known as a chlorine rinse, because it can be more effective for certain situations. Our pool experts will coat your pool tiles with liquid chlorine to remove algae. After they finish, your pool will look beautiful and be safe again!

Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning to see if your pool needs a chlorine wash.

Steps of a Chlorine Wash

A chlorine wash is extensive, and every detail is equally important. You can perform one yourself, but after learning the process’ steps, you’ll understand why it’s wise to allow the experts to handle it.

Step 1: Draining

A drained pool is the only kind that can receive a chlorine wash in the Coachella Valley. You’d empty the water through your pool pump’s waste line, while following a specific protocol. Palm Springs and other cities in the Coachella Valley have pool draining requirements. Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning’ experts know and will adhere to them.

Step 2: Apply Liquid Chlorine to the Pool’s Surface

Once it’s empty, your pool’s surface is ready for liquid chlorine. Put the mixture in a watering pot and pour it down the sides of the pool. This lathers them in the liquid chlorine and removes algae.

After coating the sides, cover every square inch of the bottom with liquid chlorine to treat your entire pool.

Step 3: Scrub Algae

Liquid chlorine should remove close to all the algae. For the stubborn parts that may remain, scrub them off yourself. Get down and dirty with a sturdy bristled brush and wash away the last unwanted algae.

Any algae too difficult to remove by hand should go away by repeating step two.

Step 4: Pump Out Wastewater and Rinse

There will be chlorinated algae wastewater in your pool after the first three steps. Pump it out, and then rinse your entire pool with regular water to get rid of loose algae remnants. For added support and to be extra thorough, you can use a pressure washer.

Step 5: The Final Pump

Dissolved algae and remaining liquid need to go before refilling your pool. Similar to how you initially drained your pool, use your pool pump to remove it so you can get your pool back!

A Coachella Valley Chlorine Wash Restores Your Pool

Algae buildup in your pool creates two undesirable scenarios: turning it green and making it impossible to enjoy. While the problem may look catastrophic, Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning’ pool experts in the Coachella Valley know how to fix it. A chlorine wash can be what your pool needs to help you cool off during the year’s hottest months!

A Coachella Valley chlorine wash can return your pool to greatness. Call us today to schedule one!