How Does Bead Blasting Work?

Bead Blasting in the Coachella Valley
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Why Our Coachella Valley Pool Tile Cleaning Team Prefers Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is an effective, simple Coachella Valley pool tile cleaning method. Draining your pool to where the waterline is below the calcium buildup, dirt or what needs cleaning is the first step of the process. Once the waterline is at the right level, Coachella Valley pool experts will use bead blasting-specific equipment to spray delicate, recycled glass beads on your tiles. These beads come out at such a high pressure, they restore your pool tiles and make your pool pristine again.

Aside from brightening your pool’s surface, there are other reasons why Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning considers bead blasting, also known as glass bead blasting, a preferred method.

Bead blasting restores your pool’s shine. Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning today to learn more!


Bead blasting is effective and affordable, a great combination you and your pool will love. Other pool tile cleaning methods can cost you significantly more than bead blasting, and there’s a chance they won’t do as good of a job.


Recycled materials comprising glass beads make them eco-friendly. Because they’re non-toxic, glass beads don’t harm your pool equipment or water. Another reason they’re sustainable is because they’re washable and reusable. The same beads can clean your pool tiles up to 30 times!


Alternative blasting methods can ruin your pool tiles. Many are too harsh and can corrode your pool’s surface. Chemical treatments may be able to clean your pool tiles, but they can harm you. Skin rashes and burning in the eyes and nose can result from a chemical treatment gone wrong.

Bead blasting assures these disastrous outcomes won’t happen, and instead, leave you with a clean and safe pool to enjoy.

Keeps Pool’s Chemicals Balanced

A pool with unbalanced chemical levels can turn green, be unsafe and lead to expensive repairs. Since bead blasting uses non-toxic material, unbalanced chemical levels are no concern of yours!

As long as you or a Coachella Valley pool expert regularly balances your pool’s chemicals, your pool will be in great shape after a good bead blasting.

Bead Basting Makes Pool Maintenance in the Coachella Valley Easier  

Sometimes the easiest method is the most effective, and that’s the case with bead blasting. One of Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning’ go-to pool tile cleaning methods, bead blasting benefits you, your pool and the environment. Our pool experts possess the necessary expertise to perform bead blasting and use the required equipment. Rather than trying it yourself, you can count on them to clean your pool tiles.

Want one of Supreme Pool Tiles Works’ favorite cleaning methods used on your pool? Call us today!