What to Know About Pool Pump Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

What to Know About Pool Pump Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement k

Taking Care of the Heart of Your Pool with Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning

The pool pump is often considered the heart of the pool. It ensures the water circulates, mixes the pool chemicals, and sends water and debris to your pool filters. Taking care of the filter is critical in the upkeep of your pool. Some repairs and maintenance are simple and can be completed easily so your pump keeps working, but there are also times when replacement is the only option. The pump function is just one of the important things that keep your pool looking clean.

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Repair or Replace Your Pool Pump?

Several factors determine whether or not your pool pump needs repairs or replacement, but two are more important than the rest: age and housing damage. The first of these factors is the age of your pool pump. If your pump is five years old or newer, it may still be under warranty and can most likely be repaired. Repairs are more likely for newer pumps because the parts will still be available. After the five-year mark, you may want to consider replacement as the pump components may be less available and existing components that are not replaced are more apt to fail.

The second important factor in repairing or replacing your pump is if there is pump housing damage. Visible pump housing damage or destruction means there is a chance the internal components have been exposed to the elements, especially moisture. Exposure to heat and cold, dirt, debris, and moisture can cause corrosion and eventual pump failure. If your housing is cracked or damaged, it is time to consider a replacement.

Performing Pool Pump Maintenance

Pool maintenance is more than just adding chemicals and skimming the surface for leaves. Routine maintenance for the pump and other components will help keep your systems running smoothly and your pool looking clear.

  • Routine inspections and maintenance: Preventive inspections help you to avoid costly repairs. Check the pump for leaks, broken seals, abnormal sounds, and malfunctions. Check the pressure gauge and owner’s manual for the proper readings, monitoring for any changes or fluctuations. High pressure can cause serious damage to the motor and pipes.
  • Pump basket cleaning: Keep the pump basket clean. Clogged baskets can restrict or obstruct the flow of water.
  • Filter maintenance: Clean and replace disposable filters and check for debris or clogged filters each time you replace them.
  • Pool water level: The flow of pool water through your pump is critical for function. Your water should be ½ way up the skimmer box. A dry pump will inevitably create damage.
  • Debris removal: Clean your pump and surrounding area regularly, removing debris from around the pump. Be sure to keep the vents clear of leaves and other debris to that the pump can maintain airflow and not overheat.

Pool Pump Repairs

When any part of your pump seems to be malfunctioning, call a specialist who can handle the repairs the right way, the first time. Don’t wait for your pump to fail and replacement to be the only option. Early detection and action are best to keep your pool clean and clear of bacteria.

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Your pool pump helps keep your pool clean and running well, clearing the water and preventing mold and bacterial build-up. But sometimes, you need a deeper clean. The Coachella Valley pool cleaning experts at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning can provide tile cleanings and restoration for your pool.

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