How Often Should I Clean My Vacation Rental Pool?

How Often Should I Clean My Vacation Rental Pool?

Keep Your Guests Coming Back with a Beautiful Vacation Pool

Proper pool maintenance is an essential part of your vacation rental, as it is often the highlight of your rental home, especially in the summertime. You may need to treat your pool differently at your vacation rental than at home.

Pool cleaning is crucial when presenting an enticing, welcoming, and clean vacation rental online or in person. Part of that cleaning is making sure the tiles look pristine and the pool surface is in top shape. This may include occasional acid washes or resurfacing, or specialized tile cleaning services like those offered by Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning.

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The Importance of Regular Pool Cleanings at Your Vacation Rental

A pool used by different renters weekly (or more often) will not only need cleanings but also be treated regularly for proper Ph balance and chlorine levels. You will also want to make sure the water is circulating enough to make it feel and look perfect for each new guest.

Between rental bookings:

  1. Skim the pool’s surface for floating debris and brush the sides and bottom for anything loose in the pool.
  2. Run your pool pump for 8-12 hours daily to circulate the water through the cleaning system to help prevent algae and bacterial growth. This will also help to ensure that chemicals added to the pool are dispersed.
  3. If you reside near your vacation home, you can manually adjust chemicals between guests or utilize an automated chemical feeder. (You must safely store your pool chemicals away from guest access.)

Regardless of whether you take care of your pool personally and adjust chemicals yourself or not, you should have regular scheduled professional cleanings as well. Be sure to tell guests the days/times of scheduled cleanings if your rental is booked on those days.

Why Clean Between Guests?

It may seem excessive to clean every time a guest leaves, but there are several reasons to do a light cleaning, chemical check, and inspection between each guest:

  • Guests wear sunscreen, lotion, perfumes, and other topical liquids that cause cloudy, murky water and may also contaminate the pool. These contaminants may also create chemical imbalances in the water.
  • Guests may spill drinks or bring things into the pool that can damage or contaminate the pool. (This also comes with the risk of broken glass in the pool. You can help prevent this by providing safe plastic cups, plastic wine glasses, and plastic margarita glasses for your guests.)
  • Guests inevitably shed hair while visiting your rental, and if you have several guests with long hair who use the pool a lot, there is bound to be hair in the water. No new guest wants to encounter a tangled mess of someone else’s hair in the pool!

Pool Restoration with Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning

For pool cleaning that goes beyond a chemical change and surface skim, call the experts at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning. Our Coachella Valley pool tile cleaning professionals provide pool restoration and tile cleaning for when your pool needs an extra touch.

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