Why Mineral Blasting is Superior to Sandblasting for Brick and Pavers

Coachella Valley Brick and Pavers Restoration

Sandblasting is common for brick and pavers restoration. Yet, mineral blasting is the superior method. Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning’ mineral blasting experts like mineral blasting so much, they use it for pool tile cleaning and brick and pavers restoration in the Coachella Valley.

Your brick and pavers can look brand new after our mineral blasting experts restore them. Call today to schedule your appointment!

3 Benefits of Mineral Blasting for Brick and Pavers Restoration in the Coachella Valley

Mineral blasting’s advantages go beyond improving the condition and looks of your brick and pavers. The following three reasons are why choosing mineral blasting in the Coachella Valley instead of sandblasting is a wise move.

Prevents Damage

Sandblasting can deteriorate brick and pavers because it removes their protective layer. Not having this layer subjects brick and pavers to external elements that can ultimately cause them to self-destruct.

A possible side effect of sandblasting is your brick becomes powder, then turns into a pile of dust. Mineral blasting, on the other hand, keeps your brick and pavers intact.

Dealing with the aftermath of sandblasting can be a costly headache. Don’t risk it and go with mineral blasting for brick and pavers restoration in the Coachella Valley instead.

Better for Your Health

Sandblasting releases quartz particles in the air that can lead to health problems, like silicosis. Silicosis, a long-term lung disease, is a common harmful side effect of breathing in quartz particles. Unfortunately, it’s not sandblasting’s only harmful side effect. Others are:

  • Lung cancer
  • Respiratory issues
  • Brain and/or nerve damage
  • Eyes, nasal and throat irritation

Mineral blasting uses glass beads (the reason it’s also called bead blasting). The glass beads the Coachella Valley mineral blasting experts use are recycled. While they still wear protective gear, using recycled material is one of the reasons mineral blasting is better for you and the environment.

Less Messy, More Efficient

The powder that was once brick would be quite a mess, but even outside of that, sandblasting is much messier than mineral blasting. Sandblasting sends debris in multiple directions. So much, in fact, you’d have to clear the area where sandblasting is happening. There would be so much debris, it could end up damaging any items left nearby.

The mineral blasting experts in the Coachella Valley have the right training and equipment to make the process as efficient as possible. That way, cleanup will be a breeze, and rather than dealing with a mess, you’ll get to enjoy your restored brick and pavers.

Restore Your Brick and Pavers in the Coachella Valley with Mineral Blasting

Mineral blasting is superior to sandblasting in multiple ways. Restore your brick and pavers with our Coachella Valley mineral blasting experts to experience the difference and benefits. After the job’s complete, you’ll never restore your brick and pavers any other way!

Brick and pavers restoration doesn’t have to be messy. Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning today to schedule an appointment with our mineral blasting experts!