5 Off-Season Pool Maintenance Tips

Off-Season Coachella Valley Pool Maintenance
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Pool maintenance in the Coachella Valley is essential in the off-season. Taking care of your pool during this time can prepare it to keep you cool when temperatures rise. Come spring and summer, you’ll be thankful you were on top of your pool’s maintenance because it will be ready for you to enjoy. And likely reduce the need for repairs!

What Off-Season Pool Maintenance in the Coachella Valley Looks Like

Off-season pool maintenance is similar to how you’d take care of your pool during the warmer months. Maintenance is just easier to forget about because your pool isn’t getting as much use. The following five off-season pool maintenance tips can keep your pool in great shape year-round.

If you’d rather leave it up to the professionals, you’re in luck because the Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning Coachella Valley pool experts are available 12 months a year!

Clean Debris

Debris can diminish the beauty of your desert oasis that is your pool, but that’s just one downside. Debris can also disrupt pool equipment, like your filtration system. Too much debris in your filtration system forces it to work extra hard and can eventually cause damage. Cleaning debris is easier and more affordable than replacing your filtration system.

Check on Pool Equipment

Speaking of pool equipment, keep an eye on yours all year. Even in the off-season, pool equipment remains hard at work. Knowing each piece of equipment’s maintenance requirements is important to effectively care for them. If you’re unsure of these requirements, a pool maintenance expert in the Coachella Valley would be happy to help you.

Balance Pool’s Chemicals

The Coachella Valley’s hard water can lead to imbalanced chemical levels in your pool. Calcium buildup along your pool’s waterline is a consequence of this, but it’s preventable as long as you balance your pool’s chemicals during the off-season. A low pH level is beneficial for your pool’s maintenance, something Coachella Valley pool tile cleaning experts can help sustain.

Maintain Proper Water Level

Maintaining the proper water level in your pool is essential even in the off-season. A pool with a low water level can cause the skimmer to suck air in the filter system. This can damage the pool pump and lead to expensive, but avoidable, repairs. Since the Coachella Valley has moderate winters, you’ll want to ensure your pool’s water level remains near the top.

Clean Pool Surface

Algae and other bacteria would love nothing more than for you not to clean your pool in the off-season. That’s because it gives them an opportunity to make your pool’s surface their new home. Stopping algae and bacteria from growing is doable when you skim, vacuum, or perform another necessary cleaning technique weekly.

Different pool surfaces require certain cleaning methods. Talking to pool tile cleaning experts in the Coachella Valley can help ensure you clean your pool surface properly.

Get Help from the Coachella Valley Pool Tile Cleaning Experts

Winter may be your pool’s off-season, but that doesn’t mean it’s yours. Adding off-season pool maintenance to your to-do list can make your busy life busier. As a family-owned and operated business, Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning understands this and wants to help you enjoy your pool, even during the off-season.

Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning has been maintaining pools in the Coachella Valley for over 10 years. Call today to schedule your off-season maintenance!