3 Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Pool Pump

Pool pump maintenance in the Coachella Valley
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Your pool pump is the heart of your pool. Your heart pumps blood throughout your body, and your pool pump pumps water to other pool equipment. Without it, your pool can’t function. So, doing everything you can to prolong its life should be a top priority!

When you can extend your pool pump’s lifespan, you’re able to enjoy a clean pool that’s safe to swim in for longer. You’ll also get a taste of what performing pool maintenance in the Coachella Valley is like!

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How to Perform Your Own Pool Maintenance in the Coachella Valley

Not properly maintaining your pool can lead to costly repairs and equipment replacements. Some of this work is best left to Coachella Valley pool experts, but you can do some on your own, including pool pump maintenance. Follow the 3 tips below to get the most out of your pool pump and see how you can (almost) maintain your pool as good as the experts.

Get the Correct Sized Pump

Having the incorrect sized pool pump is a recipe for disaster. A pump that’s too big won’t have enough water to pump. One that’s too small will have a hard time handling the resistance pressure. Getting the correct sized pump avoids both. You can use this calculator to help determine what size you need, or you can ask Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning.

Keep Your Pump Cool

It’s no secret the Coachella Valley gets toasty. While heat’s inevitable, protecting your pool pump from it is a must! An overheated pool pump can lead to improper air circulation and a malfunctioning pool motor.

The obvious way to keep your pool pump cool is to prevent leaving it somewhere that gets a lot of direct sunlight. You’ll also want to be aware of not putting your pump somewhere that doesn’t get airflow, like tight spaces or a dense grouping of plants.

Make Sure it’s Never Dry

Your pool pump loves working. In fact, your pool pump loves working so much that when it has no water to pump, it can leak. Another potential consequence of a pump that has nothing to do is pump baskets melt. Avoid these disasters by keeping your pool pump busy by maintaining the proper water level in your pool year-round.

Long Live Your Pool Pump

You not only love your pool, but living in the Coachella Valley, you need your pool. Whether you have a residential or commercial pool, your pool pump is crucial to its functions. Following these tips can help prolong your pool pump’s life and reward you with a beautiful pool now and in the future.

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