Essential Pool Cleaning Supplies

Coachella Valley essential pool maintenance supplies
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Regular pool maintenance in the Coachella Valley is crucial towards keeping your pool beautiful and safe to swim in. Coachella Valley pool experts can help keep yours pristine, but there’s maintenance you can handle yourself with the proper cleaning supplies.

Supplies That Help with Pool Maintenance in the Coachella Valley

It’s best to leave things like a pool acid wash to the professionals, but not all pool maintenance tasks require the experts. Essential pool cleaning supplies allow you to perform regular upkeep. The following can help you provide your commercial or residential pool with the love and care it deserves.


Removing debris is key to keep your pool clean year-round and take care of your filtration system. Debris can take away from your pool’s beauty and damage your filtration system, which can be a costly repair.

Both are avoidable with a skimmer. It allows you to easily clean leaves that have found their way in your pool. Depending on the trees or bushes near your pool, fine debris like pollen could get in, too. Purchasing a skimmer with fine mesh can help you remove pollen and similar debris from taking away from your pool’s beauty and damaging its equipment.

Vacuum Head and Hose

Skimming floating debris takes care of what’s at the surface, but the bottom of your pool also requires maintenance. A vacuum head and hose can get to the places a skimmer can’t. Using them weekly can keep your pool clean and safe.

The vacuum hose should be a few feet longer than what you need to lessen the risk of it unplugging. Find out what length your hose should be by measuring the distance between your skimmer or vacuum port and pool’s furthest corner. Add your pool’s depth to that measurement, plus a few extra feet, and you’ll have your number!

If you need recommendations on what vacuum head and hose are best for your pool, you can ask a Coachella Valley pool maintenance expert.

Pool Brush

Calcium buildup prevention is vital to pool maintenance in the Coachella Valley because we have hard water. White lines along the waterline are a sign your pool has calcium buildup.

An effective way to prevent calcium buildup is to use a pool brush to remove dirt and algae from your pool walls. Brush the waterline before using the vacuum so the vacuum cleans grime that sunk to the bottom.

Coachella Valley Pool Maintenance is Easy with the Right Supplies

These essential cleaning supplies can help keep your pool in great condition. Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning is happy to recommend which supplies are best for you and perform maintenance best left to the professionals!

Supreme Pool Tiles Works has over a decade of experience maintaining pools in the Coachella Valley. Call us today with any questions about pool maintenance!