5 Ways to Enjoy Your Pool in Winter

Swim During Winter in the Coachella Valley
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Most pools in the Coachella Valley get no time off. They allow you to escape the summer heat, make fall and spring more fun and can be enjoyed in the winter. Swimming in the winter probably sounds like a foreign idea to people in other parts of the country, but in the Coachella Valley, it’s part of life. And you should enjoy it as much as possible!

Call the Coachella Valley pool experts to keep your pool ready in the winter.

Enjoy Swimming Year-Round with Coachella Valley Pool Maintenance

You or Coachella Valley pool maintenance experts must care for your pool the right way so you can enjoy it all winter. Even though you don’t have to worry about protecting your pool from snowstorms, the proper care can save you money on maintenance in the future. Below are five ways to be sure you can use your pool every winter.

Balance Your Pool

Balancing your pool’s chemicals is essential, especially because the Coachella Valley has hard water. Your pool should have low pH levels to avoid calcium buildup and algae and bacteria growth. A good time to check on your pool’s chemicals is when winter starts, the middle of February and the middle of April, so, every two months.

Even though the Coachella Valley has a warmer climate, the drop in temperature during winter can still contaminate your pool water, which would ruin springtime swimming!

Maintain Pool Equipment

You may not use your pool as much during winter, but your pool equipment is working just as hard. To get the most out of your pool pump, you’ll want to check it regularly, in addition to the filter and heater. Any of these parts going out can be costly, but the good news is regular maintenance makes expensive repairs easy to avoid.

Use a Cover

Pools in areas that experience harsh winters require covers. The Coachella Valley isn’t one of those areas, but a pool cover is still a good idea. Instead of protecting your pool from snow a cover would protect yours from debris. When debris accumulates, the chances of bacteria and algae growth and calcium buildup can increase. Think of a pool cover as a preventative measure.

Partially Drain Your Pool

Partially draining your pool instead of fully draining it can be beneficial. A fully drained pool can expose pool tiles to external elements, and your pool equipment not having any water can lead to damage. Not every pool requires the same amount of water drained in the winter, if any at all. A pool expert in the Coachella Valley can tell you how much you need to drain.

Regularly Clean Your Pool

The fifth and final way to make sure you enjoy your pool during winter is to keep it clean. By skimming, vacuuming and brushing on a regular basis, you can keep your pool in peak condition during the year’s coldest months.

Pool Experts in the Coachella Valley Help You Swim 12 Months a Year

It’s always the right time to enjoy your pool in the Coachella Valley. As long as you properly maintain your pool during winter, it’ll be ready for you to swim in whenever you’d like. And if you ever need advice or help, Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning pool maintenance experts are always here to help.

Call us today so you can enjoy your pool all winter long!