4 Main Causes of Pool Tile Damage

4 Main Causes of Pool Tile Damage

Reasons for Tile Cracking, Loosening, and Detaching in Your Coachella Valley Pool

Cracking, loosening, and detaching tiles are not uncommon for pool owners as their pool ages, but understanding why it is happening can help prevent it. At Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning, we can help you inspect your pool surfaces and tile to provide early detection of any issues. Our Coachella Valley tile experts can provide tile restoration and pool surface cleaning, as well as other pool surfaces so that your pool stays pristine.

Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning for pool tile cleaning and restoration in the Coachella Valley. Our experts can help your pool stay clean and safe.

Four Reasons for Pool Tile Damage

If you notice your pool tiles detaching, falling off, cracking, or otherwise displaying damage, it may be due to the causes below. Proper inspection and care of your pool surfaces can help to prevent these issues and keep your pool safe and secure.

  1. Pool water pH levels. pH is the measurement of the balance of acidity and alkalinity in your pool water as well as the calculation of the water’s capacity to prevent changes in this balance. (Also known as the pool’s buffering ability.) If alkalinity levels are low, you may notice concrete deterioration, causing tiles to dislodge from the pool’s surface and fall off.
  2. Harsh weather conditions. Extreme temperature changes can cause damage to your pool’s walls and floor. Cold days cause materials to contract, and hot temperatures cause surface materials to expand. These shifts (or prolonged exposure to one or the other) can cause cracking, loosening, or detaching of tiles over time.
  3. Poor installation quality. Poor tile installation can create the perfect storm for future damage to tiles and detaching tiles. Cracks, poor grout installation, and sealant issues cause the surface behind the tiles to be compromised. Pool tiles require specialized grout, adhesive, and sealant to be waterproof, so any areas compromised by poor installation will eventually become problem areas with your tile.
  4. Wear and tear. Normal wear and tear over time can create weaknesses, causing tiles to detach, become cracked, or cause other damage. This is especially true if heavy objects hit pool surfaces regularly.

Trust the Pool Surface Pros at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning in the Coachella Valley

If your pool looks less than perfect, call the Coachella Valley pool professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning. Our cleaning services give us the chance to watch for signs of damage and tile detachment before they become a major issue. With regular cleanings and restoration when needed, we can keep your pool looking beautiful all year long. We know that regular wear and tear is expected, especially in a pool that is well-loved in our SoCal heat! Let our team keep your pH levels balanced and your pool surfaces shining!

Contact the Coachella Valley pool experts at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning today and schedule a service with a member of our team!