How Does Cleaning Without Draining Work?

How Does Cleaning Without Draining Work?

No Drain Acid Wash for Coachella Valley Pool Cleaning

Many customers think the only way to clean a pool is to drain it, but that is simply not true. Draining a pool has positives and negatives, with risks that go along with emptying all of the water, so no drain acid wash is a great alternative option. The Coachella Valley pool cleaning professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning offer pool cleaning services without the draining, so your pool can look pristine and clear without the stress of refilling.

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The Process of No Drain Acid Washing Your Pool

“No drain acid wash” in the process of pool plaster and tile surface cleaning and descaling without draining the pool of all its water. In this process, the pH of the pool water is reduced to a very acidic level, close to 1.0, and an alkaline level close to zero.

At this point, the pool surface is brushed multiple times and for several days, to loosen and release scale and dirt. After the final day, the pool pH is reversed, and the water chemistry returns to a balanced, safe pH level.

The process of pH adjustment during a no-drain acid wash changes the pool into a corrosive environment. A corrosive pool environment eats away at the soft materials attached to the pool surfaces and creates surface staining. Normally, a corrosive environment puts your pool at risk for surface damage, but limiting the amount of time the pool is at this pH level reduces the potential for damage to a lesser risk.

Ideal External Conditions for a No Drain Wash

No drain acid washing is a science, one that takes consideration and planning for the proper results. There are environmental conditions that will best suit the process as well as the preparation needed on the homeowner’s part to protect pool equipment and accessories.

Ideal preparation and conditions for no drain acid wash include:

  • Removal of pool cleaner equipment, accessories, rails, lights, and ladder
  • The pool pump is turned off, and the timer paused
  • The pool is cleaned thoroughly the week and days before the acid wash
  • Weather conditions include clear skies and lower temperatures for best results

Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning: Your No Drain Pool Cleaners in the Coachella Valley

The Coachella Valley pool cleaning and restoration experts at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning provide commercial and residential pool cleaning solutions, so we can help you with your pool and the surrounding surfaces when you need them most. Whether restoring brick pavers or resurfacing and washing pool tiles, we have you covered. With years of experience in the industry, we have the skills and reputation to back our work. Don’t stress about the long process of draining your pool when you can wash it with the water still in it!

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