4 Tips to Prepare Your Vacation Rental Pool for the New Season

Pool Maintenance for Vacation Rental Pool
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Pool Maintenance in the Coachella Valley Readies You for Guests

One of the reasons spring breakers, snowbirds and others visit the Coachella Valley is because of our weather. Chances are, many of them haven’t been able to swim for months, which is why your vacation rental’s pool makes it a desirable destination.

With that being said, vacation rentals with pools in the Coachella Valley are far from unique. Many properties have them, so, helping ensure your vacation rental and pool are guests’ best option is an essential business practice.

Whether you handle pool maintenance in the Coachella Valley yourself or team up with the experts, following the four tips below can prepare your vacation rental pool for the new season.

Call the pool experts in the Coachella Valley to help prepare your vacation rental’s pool.

Safety First

Guest safety is a top priority for vacation rental hosts, especially for those whose properties have a pool. Having rules may not be as effective if guests are unaware of them. Signs stating maximum occupancy, where it’s safe to dive (if at all) and more can help guests be safe.

Looking after guests’ safety also means providing them with a pool that’s safe to swim in. Imbalanced chemical levels in your pool can irritate guests’ eyes and skin, something the Coachella Valley is prone to because it has hard water. You can keep your pool’s pH level low yourself or get help from Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning’ experts.

Check Equipment

The status of your pool equipment impacts your guests being able to enjoy your pool. Equipment like your pump must work properly to maintain your pool’s peak condition for the entire season. Knowing what’s required to maintain your equipment will help it function year-round. Repairs and replacements can be costly and affect your pool’s availability. Stay on top of your pool equipment regularly to avoid expensive fixes and allow guests to swim during their stay.  

Clean the Surface

How your pool looks influences your guests’ experience. If they see debris in your listing’s pictures, they’re more likely to look for another place to stay. Or if they arrive and see the pool’s surface isn’t clean, that could affect their first impression and overall perception of your vacation rental.

Fortunately, maintaining your pool’s beauty is as simple as cleaning its surface with a skimmer, an essential item for pool maintenance in the Coachella Valley. Debris landing in your pool is inevitable, but a skimmer gets rid of it easily. In addition to being hard on the eyes, debris can damage your pool’s filtration system. A skimmer maintains your pool’s visual appeal and takes care of its equipment.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Consistent pool maintenance can boost your vacation rental business. Properly caring for your pool increases your property’s appeal and can enhance guests’ experience. Create and stick to a maintenance schedule or work with a pool tile cleaning specialist who can help your vacation rental be one of the best in the Coachella Valley.

Coachella Valley Pool Maintenance is a Necessary Business Practice

Travelers have several vacation rentals to choose from in the Coachella Valley. You can separate yours from the rest by offering a safe, beautiful pool for them to enjoy during their stay. Pool maintenance in the Coachella Valley is necessary to be the host of a desirable vacation rental, whether you do it yourself or team up with the experts!

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