Choosing the Perfect Pool Finish for Your New Pool

Choosing the Perfect Pool Finish for Your New Pool

Color and Finish for Your New Pool in the Coachella Valley

Pool finish options have come a long way since the first backyard pools in the 1950’s. What started as a standard white plaster finish in the 1950s, growing to include a pebble finish in the 1980s, has now grown to include multiple colors, textures, and styles to suit any backyard landscape.

Your color choice and texture finish will influence the color of your pool’s water. Depending on your color choice, the watercolor will look different on sunny and cloudy days when it is shaded, and in the shallow end versus the deep end. Once you choose your pool color and finish, you will have to take care of the pool’s water and surfaces. The balance of your water pH will keep the pool looking pristine and water sparkling, so you can enjoy the look of your pool year-round. Let the Coachella Valley pool cleaning experts at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning help you keep your pool safe, clean, and looking great. We specialize in surface cleaning, tile restoration, and regular maintenance, whether with scheduled cleanings or a single visit.

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Choosing Your Ideal Pool Finish: Color and Surface Options

Color and finish are the two main factors in creating the pool you dream about, and with advancements in construction and design, you have a vast array of options for both.

The color of your pool surface can range from light blues, greens, and greys to dark versions of these colors and the spectrum in between. The shade can be modified or influenced by warm or cool tones that will change the pool’s appearance. Warm tones may include browns, yellows, and tans, while cool tones may contain black, white, and grey. Darker pool color choices will create a dramatic effect, while warmer tones compliment a natural look, especially for beach entry pools.

There are several options for pool finishes, including stone, plaster, and tile. Each option provides several dynamic finishes, looks, and personalization to create your beautiful new pool.

  • Stonescapes include natural quartz pebbles, exposed aggregate finishes, various pigment formulations, and cement. Aggregate finishes combine plaster mixed with river stones, glass beads, marble, granite, or quartz.
  • Plaster is a traditional finish that provides consistent color with high-quality pigments. This is the most common finish combining cement with marble dust or silica sand. Most plaster finishes are white or medium grey, but there are options for colors including dark grey or black.
  • Tile finishes are durable and offer various color and design options. Tile is typically applied at the waterline, steps, or the pool floor, but it can also be used for the entire pool surface. Porcelain and ceramic are the most common tile choices and can be used to create mosaics or ornate patterns. Unglazed tile gives a natural look while glazed tiles provide uniform color, as well as added waterproofing. You can also choose stone tiles including marble, slate, and limestone, all of which create a natural, organic look of a gorgeous pool.

Keep Your New Pool Clean with Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning

Whether you choose a dramatic dark pool with ornate tiling or a natural, beach entry oasis with gorgeous organic stonework, you will need to keep your pool clean to truly enjoy its beauty. The Coachella Valley pool cleaning experts at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning provide regular cleanings, tile restoration, and acid washing for pools, new and old. Our experienced, skilled pool cleaning professionals can help you get your pool ready for the swimming months here in the Coachella Valley or provide cleaning services in the off-season. Let us help you truly love your pool, no matter the finish.

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