Why and How to Clean Your Pool Filter

Why and How to Clean Your Pool Filter

Keep Your Coachella Valley Pool Pristine with Clean Filters

A pool will only be as clean as its filters and cleaning components, so maintaining your pool filter is an integral part of being a pool owner. At Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning, we want our Coachella Valley neighbors to enjoy a clean pool all year long so we offer our customers the information and education needed to maintain your pool between professional cleanings. With our help, you can enjoy your pool all year long.

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Why Is Cleaning My Pool Filter Important?

Your pool’s filter is one of the most integral parts of your pool’s mechanical equipment. It helps keep your pool free of contaminants and keep the water pH balanced and safe. 

Cleaning your pool filter helps to:

  • Remove harmful dirt, oils, and contaminants
  • Preserve the life of your pool cleaning and pump system
  • Keep the pool safe and pH-balanced
  • Improve filter efficiency

With a well-maintained filter and pump system and regular cleanings to remove surface debris, you can keep your pool looking crystal clear and help keep it safe for swimmers.

How to Clean Your Pool’s Filter

A good indication that it is time to clean your pool filter is that the pressure gauge is 8-10 PSI above its regular reading, indicating buildup within the filter. The first thing to consider when cleaning your pool filter is safety. Make sure to turn off your pool system and release pressure properly before cleaning to prevent injury or damage to your pool system. Once you release the pressure and the system is safe, you can start cleaning.

To know how to clean your filter, you’ll have to understand what type of filtration system your pool has. There are three main types of pool filters installed in most pools:

  • Cartridge filter: These are cleaned by removing the cartridge and hosing it down, releasing trapped debris, dirt, and contaminants. Cartridge filters should be rinsed out several times a year. Scheduling quarterly cleanings on your planner or with reminders on your phone can help you remember to keep the filter clean while making sure to watch the PSI in between scheduled cleanings.
  • Sand filter: Backwashing is the primary method used to clean sand filters. Backwashing a sand filter involves reversing the flow of water so the dirt and debris flow out of your waste port in just a few minutes.
  • DE filters: DE filters require a more laborious backwashing and refilling with DE powder for cleaning. This backwashing process takes more time than sand filters, and these filters provide the highest filtration level and remove the tiniest particles.

Keep Your Pool Clean with Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning

Maintaining your pool is easy with help from the Coachella Valley professional pool cleaners at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning. From tile and surface restoration to regularly scheduled cleanings, Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning can help your pool stay clean and safe year-round. We can help you make sure your filter is clean and the pool pH is balanced. Let our local Coachella Valley pool cleaners help you understand the workings of your pool filtration system so you can properly maintain your pool between professional cleanings.

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