When Is the Best Time to Perform Tile Restoration

When Is the Best Time to Perform Tile Restoration

Timing Your Coachella Valley Pool Time Restoration

Pool tile and surface restoration can bring your pool and backyard to life, giving your tile, brick, and other pool surfaces a new shine. When it comes to tile restoration, timing is everything. The best rule of thumb is to perform pool renovations when you are least likely to be using the pool.

The Coachella Valley pool restoration experts at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning can help you determine the extent of pool restoration your pool needs and schedule services at the best time. Luckily, the Coachella Valley offers plenty of sunny days throughout the year to perform tile restoration and pool cleaning, so you can enjoy your beautiful backyard oasis year-round.

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What to Know About Scheduling Pool Tile Restoration

When scheduling your pool surface and tile restoration, there are a few things to consider:

  • Doing repairs, tile restoration, and renovations to your pool in fall, winter, or early spring will give you plenty of time to complete the project before it is prime pool season. This gives you ample time to take care of everything before you will be consistently using your pool.
  • Start planning early so you don’t have to rush and will have time to adjust for unexpected rainy weather. You will want the skies to be clear and sunny for the days of and after your tile restoration.
  • Don’t delay repairs and restoration for too long. Restoring and sealing the tiles and surfaces of your pool helps prevent damages and expensive repairs later.
  • Scheduling repairs and restoration in late winter or early spring can coincide with landscaping planning. Trimming back bushes and shrubs, planting new plants and flowers for spring, and restoring your pool’s original color and shine together can make for a beautiful backdrop as summer approaches.

Signs Your Pool Tile and Surface Needs Restoration

Watch for the signs and “symptoms” below that indicate your tile needs restoration:

  • Tiles sticking up or peeling away from the wall
  • Visible surface cracks (caused by shifting soil, temperature changes, pool equipment malfunction, or pool structure instability.)
  • Tile or water discoloration
  • Mold growth on grout around tile or drains
  • Plaster loss at the water line or around pool equipment

Coachella Valley Tile Restoration with Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning

Whether you need tile restoration, pool surface cleaning, or regular cleaning services, Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning is here to help. With years in the industry and extensive experience with surface and tile restoration, our Coachella Valley pool cleaners can bring your pool’s tile back to its beautiful shine and color. Let us help you breathe life into your backyard with expert pool tile and surface restoration. 

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