Taking Care of Your Pool in the Off-Season

Taking Care of Your Pool in the Off-Season

Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning Can Help You Keep Your Pool Clean All Year Long

You may be ready to hang up your swimsuits and put away your pool towels but don’t forget to get your pool ready for the colder weather, too. With some preparation, you can set your pool up for springtime starting now, keeping it looking great through the cooler months. Let your backyard be an extension of your beautiful interior this holiday season and well into spring with tips provided by the professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning.

Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning provides expert pool cleaning and restoration for our Coachella Valley neighbors. We are happy to help you keep your pool looking great, whether in use or not. Let our team keep your pool ready for you to jump in when the weather is right!

Call the Coachella Valley pool cleaning professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning and schedule routine cleanings, tile restoration, or acid washing today!

5 Off Season Pool Care Tips

Pool upkeep during the fall and winter can help you to make sure the chemical levels remain intact, that algae and bacteria don’t become a problem, and that when you are ready to take your first swim, your pool will be, too. Follow the tips below to prepare your pool for the off-season.

  1. Add algaecide and chlorine. Adding appropriate amounts of chemicals and algae blockers to your pool water can keep the water and surface clean throughout the winter months. A minimal increase of chlorine in the pool can help keep the water clear, and because you are not swimming, it will not affect your skin.
  2. Clean your pool cover. Keep your pool cover free of dirt, debris, and deposit build-up. A clean pool cover can help keep contaminants out of the water. Be sure to regularly check under the pool cover for anything that may have made its way into the water.
  3. Check your pool equipment and filters. Keep an eye on your filter gauges and check and clean your filters, pool pump, heater, and plumbing. Make sure you backwash the system through the winter to keep the water from becoming stagnant and to help keep the system running well.
  4. Monitor your water level. If you live in warmer climates, like ours in the Coachella Valley, keep your water level at almost full at the start of the off-season. Cooler climate areas should start at approximately 4 inches below the skimmer. Throughout the winter months, check that the water level doesn’t drop and add water as needed. Monitoring the water level helps you to ensure that any leaks are found quickly.
  5. Open the pool before summer. Open your pool, adjust chemicals to rebalance for swimming, and allow the filter and pump to cycle before you plan to jump in. Opening and cycling the pool before the weather turns warm can help mitigate algae and bacterial growth.

Keep Your Pool Looking Pristine in the Coachella Valley Winter Weather with Our Help!

The Coachella Valley pool cleaning professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning know that our off-season is shorter than our East Coast friends, so we keep our pool cleaning services running all year. Our team can help you keep your pool looking great all year while also providing pool restoration services that you can take advantage of when the weather is cooler. Restore your backyard pool and patio to its beautiful aesthetic this winter and be ready to show it off next spring!

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