What to Expect with a Saltwater Pool Installation

What to Expect with a Saltwater Pool Installation

Saltwater pool structures are built and completed in the same way as traditional chlorine pools, but their filtration system and maintenance set them apart.

Unlike chlorine, the salt in saltwater pools doesn’t get used up because it is recycled, so you don’t need to continually add salt to your pool. Consistent cycling provides the pool’s continuous sanitation and keeps it looking beautiful.

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How Does the Saltwater Pool Process Start?

While the saltwater system is installed, we add salt to the water, typically by distributing the salt across the shallow end of the pool. The salt, once running through your pump, will fully dissolve in approximately 24 hours. You can also brush the salt along the bottom of the pool to help move the process along.

The salt will cycle through the pool’s salt system cells. These cells have titanium plates in them, and each cell delivers an electric current. This current breaks down the salt via electrolysis. The electrolysis process produces a pure form of the chlorine components found in a traditional pool. The benefit of using salt and this cleaning process is that it does not create the caustic chemical byproducts that regular chlorine does.

Additionally, the salt in your system will not need regular replacement because the salt regenerates throughout the cycle. It reforms into salt particles and starts the process again as it filters through. This allows your pool to stay clean and crystal clear all year long with less adjusting than a regular chlorine pool.

The Benefits of Saltwater for Your Swimming Experience

Saltwater pools have approximately ten times less salt than the ocean and contain much less chlorine than traditional pools, and they offer plenty of benefits.

The saltwater pool offers several benefits including:

  • No chlorine smell
  • No red, painful eyes
  • No chlorine-irritated, dry skin
  • No bleached, green hair (blonde)
  • Less damage to swimsuits with wear

Saltwater pools often feel “softer” than traditional chlorine pools due to fewer total dissolved solids and lower chlorine byproducts in the pool.

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