Tips for Calcium Removal of Your Coachella Valley Pool

Tips for Calcium Removal of Your Coachella Valley Pool

Why Calcium Deposits Form in Your Pool

Calcium deposits are typically caused by an imbalance in pool water pH, especially if your pool surface is new. If your pool surface is applied poorly, calcium can create spots in air pockets on the surface. These air pockets, or voids, will fill with water that eventually calcifies, creating lumps or calcium spots. Calcium can also make its way through tiny cracks in the plaster, causing deposits to build up where those cracks meet the surface.

Two types of calcium buildup may appear in your pool:

  • Calcium Carbonate: appears white, flaky, and easy to remove
  • Calcium silicate: appears whitish-grey, hard to remove, and takes longer to form

If you notice calcium buildup in your pool that exceeds what you want to remove on your own, call the Coachella Valley pool cleaners at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning. We can help restore your pool surface to its beautiful appearance.

How to Remove Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate’s white, flaky deposits can be removed using a pumice stone, stain eraser, or scale remover. Pumice stone should only be used on hard surfaces like concrete or tile, and both surfaces must be wet to prevent scratching. To remove using a stain eraser, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, scale removers are typically added to the pool water, and dissolve the calcium deposits over time.

How to Remove Calcium Silicate

The most effective way to remove calcium silicate is by using a pumice stone and quite a bit of elbow grease. Although it will take a lot of work, you can remove the calcium silicate from the pool’s surface as long as the surface is not fiberglass or vinyl, as pumice stone should only be used on hard surfaces.

Preventing Calcium Scale Buildup

You can prevent the buildup of calcium on your pool’s surfaces by lowering the pH of the pool water, installing an automatic pool cover to reduce evaporation, and removing excess calcium through a reverse osmosis water treatment. Keeping track of your pool pH can help you circumvent any future issues and reduce the buildup that occurs, while covering your pool prevents evaporation of the pure water, leaving the chemicals and minerals behind.

Keep Your Coachella Valley Pool Surface Clean with Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning

Calcium buildup in your pool can often be too much to handle on your own, especially if it has been accumulating for a while. Let the professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning restore your pool’s surface and bring back the shine, removing calcium and mineral deposits from the surface. We can help you with regular pool cleanings, restoration, brick and paver restoration, and calcium removal.

Call Supreme Pool Tile Cleaning today to request a Free quote from our Coachella Valley pool cleaners. We’re here to help you remove calcium from your pool’s surface and keep it looking pristine all year round.