The Differences Between Traditional Chlorine, Saltwater, and Mineral Pools

The Differences Between Traditional Chlorine, Saltwater, and Mineral Pools

Understanding Different Pool Cleaning Systems Before You Install

When you’re ready to install a new pool, you have many choices to make. From deciding the pool surface color and style to what kind of pool water filtration system you want to install, you want your new pool to be perfect. The three most common pool water filtration systems are traditional chlorine, saltwater, and mineral pools. Each has pros and cons that may influence your decision.

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Choosing the Pool Water System that Fits Your Needs

Deciding between traditional, saltwater, and mineral pools may involve pricing the pool systems, determining if skin and eye irritation may be an issue, and how you want the water to feel.

Traditional Chlorine Pool Systems

  • Highly effective in reducing or eliminating bacteria and algae
  • Lowest initial cost and most economical choice
  • Harshest on skin, eyes, and hair
  • Fades swimwear, pool toys, and material left in the pool
  • Typically, simple repairs and maintenance
  • Ongoing pool chemical costs
  • Raw chemical handling required

Saltwater Pool Systems

  • Highly efficient, long-term option with low maintenance
  • Minimal chlorine (saltwater has chlorine generated by the pool equipment rather than added in raw)
  • Less harsh on skin, eyes, hair, and swimwear
  • More expensive to install than traditional chlorine
  • Repairs should be done by a professional

Mineral Pool Systems

  • The least amount of chemicals; mineral pools use a chlorinator to generate chlorine from minerals
  • Reduced maintenance compared to other options
  • Less harsh on skin, eyes, hair, and swimwear
  • Minerals are good for detoxifying the body, alleviating stress and anxiety
  • Gentle on swimmers with skin conditions
  • Upfront installation costs are higher than saltwater and traditional

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